Making out with...

the Inbounds are a fun, three piece pop band, hailing from Boston.
originally started by three friends/roomates, they spread tons of Apt. C love everytime they play.

all songs are under three minutes, with big nods to fifties/sixties pop music.
while staying fairly sugar-coated on recordings, their live sound has often been compared to that of the Buzzcocks.

lately they have had a lot of fun playing the Mod Ball Beach Party at the Milky Way
(Sea Monsters, and bikini dancers all around) and the Shelflife Records' September Set,
with the spanish pop super-stars Moving Pictures.

they are constantly looking for new places and events to play at and new bands to play with.
so, don't be shy to email them. they're nice, really.

you can look for them on Shelflife Records' upcoming OMD tribute album; they also have a cute song on
a four or five song EP is in the works;
if you want them to get off their lazy asses and finish it tell them so at:


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